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Go Green with TAGG


Going “green” is everywhere today. There are endless ways to create a greener work environment and here at TAGG Logistics, we like to implement practices that contribute to those efforts. We strategize with our clients to find the best solutions that align with our going green philosophy. These solutions can be cost-effective and environmentally friendly resulting in sustainability improvement throughout the entire supply chain.

Recently, we decided to partner with a local materials management company, Materials Lifecycle Management Company (MLMC), to advance our ongoing green efforts. Secondary recovered materials, (SRM) is the term used to describe all of the waste a business generates. These include paper, fabrics, wood materials, packaging materials and other clean materials. MLMC buys that leftover waste, instead of charging to dispose of it and enables us to reach zero-landfill status, without disrupting existing operations. The company turns this waste into enviro-fuelcubes, designated as a “non-waste” and “legitimate” fuel approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency. They are 80% carbon neutral and can be used in any suspension combustion boiler for a company’s energy needs.

MLMC’s program is exclusive. They are the only company in the United States who purchases trash from generators at the source of origin.

We look forward to our partnership with them and encourage you to do the same! Click here to learn more:

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