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Haier Electronics Increases Logistics Assets

By September 26, 2014Logistics News

Haier Electronics Increases Logistics AssetsHaier Electronics, one of the world’s largest consumer electronics companies, is looking for more acquisitions in the logistics sector. In the first half of this year alone, the Chinese company spent ¥367 million, or just under $60 million, on logistics infrastructure.

The logistics assets being bought up by Haier include both assets which would operate within China and those that will operate internationally. For example, some acquisitions include third-party logistics companies (3PLs) in China and warehouse networks in order to achieve better internal supply chain management. Investments were also made in offshore logistics companies, including those that ship goods worldwide.

Such an investment in logistics is essential for a worldwide electronics manufacturer like Haier, but logistics is just as important to any business which makes or ships a product. A highly-organized and efficient supply chain and distribution network can save any product-based company huge amounts of money and headaches.

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