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NetSuite and TAGG: The Fuel for Your Future

How cloud-based ERP and high-tech fulfillment come together to accelerate your sales.

Tuning in to the right channels

It’s an omnichannel world: the rapid growth of online sales has not only changed the way consumers shop, but challenged the infrastructure you’ve built to serve them. With new opportunity comes new complexity. And the more your online business grows, the more you need the right technology to keep pace and deliver the brand experience your customers have come to expect.

Isn’t that why you upgraded to NetSuite (or another cloud-based ERP) in the first place?

Isn’t it time your fulfillment center kept pace?

To win in this omnichannel world, you need to deliver Your Business Everywhere™ – growing to meet expectations wherever and whenever your customers choose to engage with your brand. In-store, online, over your mobile device, on time. Every time. The authentic brand experience must be there.

That’s why we’re here: NetSuite starts the job—TAGG finishes it. Here’s how.

NetSuite + TAGG = new opportunity for you.

As your business grows, so do your customer’s expectations. That’s why many organizations like yours evolve to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system like NetSuite. Having the right ERP system helps you capture sales you might otherwise lose to inefficient product tracking or under-stocked merchandise.

But stronger data management alone can’t solve every challenge. You also need the right fulfillment center to keep pace with your growth objectives.

After all, customers want what they want, when they want it. Next-day or two-day shipping isn’t just a good idea. It’s essential in the omnichannel world. Your fulfillment center must be up to the task.

And that’s where TAGG comes in.

The Start of a Great Brand Experience.

Cloud-based ERPs like NetSuite provide the data and technology to handle both front-end and back-end e-commerce systems, as well as a central hub that can disperse information where it needs to go in real-time.

ERPs unify siloed data sources into one location that empowers you to gain a comprehensive view of your entire business and determine how to best meet consumer expectations across every sales channel.

TAGG completes your brand experience.

We are built for the way you sell—ready to deliver at the speed of now. With NetSuite and TAGG, you’ll hit the ground running. To streamline fulfillment, we’ll start by seamlessly integrating with your NetSuite data. Our proprietary system has already mapped NetSuite data fields–so the integration process will be 80% complete already. Then, TAGG will customize the rest to ensure a seamless brand experience—from ordering your product to delivering it to your customer’s front door.

After we receive an order via NetSuite, our warehouse and transportation management systems take over—customized as needed to create the perfect fit for your business. You’ll see inventory in real-time. Know how to ship every order to minimize cost while meeting delivery expectations. And gain more of what you need most: the freedom to focus on growing your business—instead of being concerned about product delivery.

The more complex the omnichannel world becomes, the more you need the right resources at your side.

Your first step was moving up to NetSuite or another cloud-based ERP. Now take the next step—and deliver

Your Business Everywhere℠ with TAGG.