Parcel Forum 2014

By September 16, 2014October 6th, 2020TAGG News

TAGG will be attending this year’s Parcel Forum, the first and only trade show and conference focused on helping parcel shipping and distribution professionals manage more efficient and timely methods in order delivery. The Parcel Forum welcomes industry professionals of all fields, and has several presentations scheduled for topics relating to the logistics and supply chain industry.

By now, it’s likely that you have heard that both UPS and FedEx are implementing new pricing policies for ground packages, moving from weight-based pricing to pricing based on the package’s dimensions. These changes are predicted to be one of the largest rate increases in parcel history, making it a key topic of conversation at this year’s Parcel Forum. TAGG Logistics is looking forward to participating in discussions about the 5-step plan that Parcel Forum has created to help alleviate the impact of the increases.

The Parcel Forum prides themselves on creating an array of networking opportunities that are offered to the attendees, speakers, and exhibitors. The opening night networking reception is sponsored by the United States Postal Service, followed by multiple networking breakfast and luncheons for the next 3 days. In between the meals offered, they offer a variety of keynote presentations, workshops, and evening festivities for all to partake in. Presentations will focus on the impact of the omnichannel parcel network, transportation cost management, and additional pricing models for recouping higher shipping costs.

There are many benefits that come with attending this conference and TAGG Logistics is looking forward to experiencing them all. We will be sharing our daily finds on our FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn and Instagram. Be sure to follow us there, and if you would like more information, please check out the website for Parcel Forum 2014.