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Self-Driving Trucks to Change Shipping

By July 31, 2014January 11th, 2022Articles of Interest, TAGG News

New technology is being developed—in fact it’s being implemented soon—which will allow trucking companies to save money on fuel by giving multiple trucks the ability to work as a unit.

How? A company called Peloton has developed a system which links a truck’s controls to a truck in front of it, to a certain extent at least. Linking the behavior of the two trucks allows them to travel closer together than they would safely be able to with human drivers. When one truck follows closely behind another, it shares in the forward truck’s path through the air, which can cut fuel consumption of both trucks by up to 10 percent.

It should also be noted that these trucks will still have drivers—these trucks cannot drive themselves…Yet, at least. Several companies, most publicly Google, have been working on driverless car technology for years now. Since the trucking industry is so essential to and pervasive in our economy, some kind of driverless technology for trucks should be expected in the coming years.

The technology has been tested extensively along the long, straight roads in the Nevada desert, and Peloton plans on implementing the technology on a much broader scale starting next year.

Read more about this emerging technology here.

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