Mobile Commerce and the 2014 Holiday Season

By September 20, 2014 eCommerce Fulfillment, News

According to Practical ecommerce, mobile commerce will account for 33% of US Online Holiday sales. Already a billion dollar industry, mobile devices are expected to aid this ever-growing ecommerce market. So what that means for us here at ABC and other shippers is potentially more packing and shipping than ever before. However, another holiday market prediction this year is that more and more businesses will choose to have their online buyers do in store pick up; not only would this force consumers into the store (and thus enticed by more product options), it will also cut in shipping costs since retailers will not have to utilize USPS or UPS to ship their products for them. Either way, we know that there will be major online sales this holiday season, and if it that does mean more shipping on our end, well then we are prepared. (Source: Practical Ecommerce)