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TAGG Logistics Principal Tod Yazdi to Speak at SPS Commerce Omnichannel 2014 Conference

By April 26, 2014February 10th, 2022Articles of Interest, TAGG News

As part of the annual retail industry conference SPS Commerce Omnichannel, TAGG Logistics Principal Tod Yazdi will speak to a group of industry leaders on e-commerce fulfillment speed. SPS Commerce Omnichannel 2014 will be held from May 4-6 at the Marriott City Center in Minneapolis.

SPS Commerce Omnichannel 2014 is a gathering of professionals and industry leaders at all points in today’s retail supply chain who want to increase their knowledge about omnichannel retail. Logistics partners and vendors as well as suppliers and retailers are invited to attend. This three-day event will feature presentations from leaders in all of the above industries including those from companies like, Costco, and Cole Haan.

“Omnichannel 2014 is a great opportunity to discuss trends in retailing with a broad group of todays leading retail companies,” Yazdi said. He will present his speech, “What is your Fulfillment Speed Limit?” on Tuesday, May 6 at 9 a.m. during a supplier-focused session.

“Fulfillment speed is a critical piece of any e-commerce platform, which is why speed is the focus of my speech,” he said. “TAGG’s e-commerce services are all about speed. Consumers demand fulfillment at the speed of now and an internet retailer’s fulfillment operations should be built on that premise.”

The annual conference is sponsored by SPS Commerce, a cloud-based supply chain service provider based in Minneapolis. The Omnichannel 2014 Conference promises to be highly informative, allowing attendees to get educated and inspired about supply chain management in today’s retail environment.

To register for SPS Commerce Omnichannel 2014, please visit the event’s website as soon as possible:


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