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TAGG Logistics Upgrades 3PL Fulfillment System to Accommodate Rapid Growth

By October 14, 2011September 25th, 2023Articles of Interest, TAGG News

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, OCTOBER 14, 2011… St. Louis-based TAGG Logistics, the 3rd party distribution, fulfillment and logistics provider to small- and mid-sized manufacturers on the move, has upgraded its integrated supply chain management and logistics software. TAGG’s new warehouse management system—aptly called Cadence—empowers its Midwest and West Coast distribution centers to expand and manage a variety of services in real time, including order fulfillment, inventory management, shipment tracking, reverse logistics, kitting and much more.

“We focus on helping growing companies upgrade their fulfillment, distribution and packaging needs, once their original resources can no longer handle the volume,” said Tod Yazdi, principal. “To help more companies make this critical transition as smoothly as possible, it was time for TAGG to upgrade to Cadence. We thoroughly reviewed more than a dozen alternatives before we decided on this solution from Cadre Technologies, which is a leading software provider for the 3PL industry.

“TAGG’s investment in Cadence makes this superior technology available to the small and mid-sized businesses that turn to us to enable growth,” Yazdi added. “We expect to partner with Cadre for many years to come.” The entirely paperless system is state-of-the-art and provides greater visibility and control of inventory, using RF guns and scannable bar codes to track every product.

TAGG focuses on healthcare and consumer products via three facilities in St. Louis, Missouri, plus a West Coast fulfillment and distribution center in Reno, Nevada. Many of the products TAGG manages are highly sensitive and require special handling, particularly those from healthcare manufacturers. For example, TAGG is using Cadence to expand its ability to trace product lot codes. So if a healthcare product is recalled, TAGG knows instantly and exactly where the product was shipped. And that makes pulling those products off the shelf much simpler.

The same holds true for medical devices, which are often assigned individual serial numbers. TAGG’s new warehouse management system records and tracks each serial number. So if there’s ever a product recall, the precise location of every device is just a few mouse clicks away.

Cadence offers other technological advances as well. When TAGG assembles kits for a manufacturer, now lot numbers can be tracked by both the product components and the kit itself. And the new system can even customize packing lists, so there’s no question about what’s inside, where it’s from—and why it’s a welcome arrival at its final destination.

“In a word, our business is really about certainty,” Yazdi said. “And while technology is vital to deliver the certainty our clients expect, it’s just part of our story. We are here to make our clients more successful, and they want to be confident that we’ll do what we say and provide the service they expect. After all, we know it’s a big step to trust your products to a third-party distribution center, so we’re here every day to ensure you’ve made the right move when you come to TAGG. We like to say our business is right-sized for manufacturers that are moving up. When you’re ready to grow, we’re ready to help.”

About TAGG Logistics

Founded in 1979, TAGG Logistics is a leading fulfillment, distribution and packaging provider for small- and mid-sized businesses who have outgrown their current capabilities. TAGG provides order fulfillment, distribution services, contract packaging, 3PL, reverse logistics and kitting and assembly to clients in a variety of industries, with a focus on healthcare and consumer products. To learn more, visit or call (314) 991-1900.