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Top 10 List for Picking a Fulfillment Partner

By January 30, 2013September 25th, 2023Articles of Interest

Third party fulfillment is a large and fast growing industry. Demand of outsourced fulfillment continues to grow, as does the number of fulfillment companies providing that service. I get asked all the time why companies choose TAGG for their order fulfillment versus the other options out there. How have we been growing so fast? Of course, I have a top 10 list!

1. Flexibility – sell your product – any way you can. One partner to handle EVERY sales channel. Direct-to-consumer (fulfillment), business-to-business (distribution) capabilities, deep experience shipping to a broad group of retailers – complete EDI and routing guide experience, promotional sites like Groupon, direct response channels like QVC or HSN. These days, the number of sales channels seems endless. Clients need one fulfillment provider with the flexibility to handle it all.

2. Technology leader. State-of-art WMS for inventory management – live look, e-mail alerts, pick tools (FIFO, FEFO, etc..), lot code/serial code tracing capabilities. Also, complete integration capabilities – tools to integrate with any shopping cart/order entry system for seamless order flow.

3. Save money… Big time! Huge volume discounts. Shipping rates – small package and freight – deeply discounted.

4. Service is what we sell. Dedicated CSR/Account Manager resources assigned to every account and access to warehouse managers – an on the floor, hands on resource. Also, same day shipping and fast and responsive to questions and requests.

5. Do it right. Reduced pick/shipping errors through complete scanning environment and QC processes.

6. Simple billing structure.
Transparent, straight-forward approach with no surprises or hidden costs. In addition, pay only for what you use. Transaction-based pricing gets rid of fixed overhead.

7. Focus. Product experience in healthcare and consumer products. Know the market, know the customers, know the requirements.

8. Project work is inevitable. Capacity and know-how for kitting, assembly, display building, rework, etc…

9. Location. Location. Location.
Multiple locations to save inbound and outbound costs and reduce transit time.

10. True partner. Complete and timely access to business managers and resources. Not just words, do you have mobile numbers? Are calls returned promptly? Are you treated like a partner or an annoyance?