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UPS On Holiday Hiring Binge Thanks to Online Orders

By September 19, 2014October 15th, 2019Distribution, Logistics News

UPS is about to make it a happy holiday for thousands of people looking for work. The American company is planning to hire between 90,000-95,000 new employees to work in distribution centers and on delivery trucks during the holiday rush. Positions available include sorters, truck loaders, and delivery assistants. Also, at the end of the season some employees could be asked to join the company as full-time labor.

This expansion by UPS is almost double the number of seasonal employees initially added last year, which totaled 55,000. During last year’s e-commerce holiday rush, UPS was unable to make deliveries on time and blamed multiple factors, but with these new hires they should be better equipped to accommodate the increase in online orders.

To further spearhead their efforts, UPS has purchased and leased multiple fleet trucks, improved network utilization, enhanced scheduling, and improved their app that offers customers more options for re-scheduling, re-routing, and tracking orders. UPS isn’t the only company that is in on the seasonal growth. Kohl’s has also hired 9,300 employees to work this holiday season in their distribution centers. This marks a 2,900-person increase from the previous year.

The recent trend of rapid employee hiring signals what appears to be a massive e-commerce holiday season compared to holiday seasons of recent memory, and those in the shipping industry are getting prepared. With advances being made every year on technological side, the one constant is manpower. Without it, those in the shipping industry would struggle to complete their online orders. In this new age of shipping, it looks as though companies like UPS and Kohl’s have doubled down and are ready to rise up to the challenge.

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