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What to Know about Safety When Choosing a Fulfillment Partner

By February 14, 2022September 25th, 2023Articles of Interest, Fulfillment

Safety is always a top priority in TAGG’s order fulfillment centers—as a 3PL fulfillment partner, we continually invest in safety. In this blog post you’ll find out why having a fulfillment partner with a robust safety program is vital.

Attracting and retaining excellent employees for your order fulfillment center

“Safety sets the tone for a human, caring culture,” says Jennifer Lee, VP of human resources at TAGG Logistics. In a tight and highly competitive labor market, employees look for a 3PL fulfillment company that will treat them with respect—and nowhere is that more evident than creating a safe work environment.

Employees feel valued in a workplace that promotes and enforces safety. It sends a clear message that their contributions and wellbeing are of critical importance. What’s more, it decreases absenteeism and boosts employee morale.

Increasing productivity while lowering costs as a fulfillment partner

A robust safety program matters because it keeps employees healthy and free from injuries. When employees are well, they come to work consistently and perform their jobs at optimal levels. After all, a forklift weighs 9,000 pounds—an accident could be fatal.

At TAGG, we know that a safe workplace translates into happier, more productive employees—not to mention some clear advantages, including lower overall lower costs for labor, insurance and workers compensation.

Preventing workplace accidents—lagging versus leading Indicators

Many 3PL fulfillment companies focus their safety efforts on past performance. This approach isn’t adequate, because lagging indicators show how you’ve historically performed—but when you focus your safety programs on historical performance, your methodology is flawed. It doesn’t give you the ability to prevent accidents in the future.

TAGG uses leading indicators to see where there might be problems long before an accident occurs. One example of this is a “near misses” metric. A theory called “the safety triangle” says that for every 1 major injury, there are 29 minor injuries and a surprising 300 near misses. By recording and tracking these near misses, TAGG gains the ability to foresee and correct issues that might cause accidents—and do it long before those injuries happen.

Safety training that has impact on order fulfillment

Ongoing training using participatory methods of teaching are the most effective ways to ensure safety principles sink in. Active group discussions, learning by doing and training each other are all ways proven to be far more effective than the traditional lecture or presentation.

It’s important to adapt your training methods based on different learning styles of employees.”If an employee is tired after working a long shift or distracted by their phone, it is important to find creative ways to engage them,” Jennifer Lee says. For example, for a distracted or disinterested learner, one strategy she uses is to assign them as the lead of group discussions or exercises. By giving them responsibility, they are more likely to remain engaged and interactive.

All of us know who the “rambler” is. Ramblers are the ones who always answer and keep talking long after the topic—and their fellow learners—are exhausted. Understanding these different styles can help everyone get the most out of safety training sessions.

Mitigating workplace violence

No discussion of safety in the workplace would be complete without addressing the increasingly common tragedy of workplace violence. TAGG has done a security assessment of each facility, with key security measures in place—like turnstiles to keep intruders from moving freely about the space, video surveillance and more.

Taking an additional measure, TAGG is implementing ALICE training—a comprehensive training solution for active shooter preparedness—at all TAGG facilities.“While we hope there is never an incident, we believe in being prepared if the worst happens,” says Lee.

Count on TAGG to be your 3PL fulfillment partner in safety

Strategically-placed safety signage, regular safety meetings, and designated safety liaisons at every facility are just a few of the key ways TAGG ensures safety for our employees. We’re always implementing new best-in-class safety practices for different aspects of TAGG fulfillment center operations,” concludes Lee.

Let TAGG Logistics put our expertise to work to help you take Your Business EverywhereSM —safely—as your 3PL fulfillment partner. Contact us today.

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