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TAGG Logistics Opens New Temperature Controlled Space


TAGG is excited to be able to offer air-conditioned storage and fulfillment at our St. Louis fulfillment center with the addition of 50,000 square feet of climate controlled space adjacent to our existing operations.

A large portion of our client-base belongs to the healthcare industry, specifically those in the supplement, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, which have products sensitive to warmer temperatures.  We work with these clients to ensure product safety and stability, including understanding acceptable temperature and humidity ranges and safe storage durations.  TAGG’s quality program, in accordance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), considers temperature and humidity minimums and maximums for client’s products and monitors both variables throughout our facilities.

Having a climate controlled warehouse will broaden TAGG’s services to meet the needs of existing clients, as well as allow us to offer fulfillment solutions to healthcare companies with temperature sensitive products.

If you have any additional questions regarding our new space, please give us a call at (314) 991-1900 or fill out our contact form below.